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August 23: Virgo

Respect the cards if you want them to "speak" to you. Sometimes reading cards can be more than a hobby Ask Nadia. Ask Levzea. Ask Shana. If you were born on August 23, you sometimes get caught with your head in the clouds! This isn't because you're daydreaming necessarily, sometimes you're making lists, planning your next project, or writing your memoir in your mind.

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You're a very driven individual who prioritizes your own career, hobbies, and activities over the people around you. This will make you not only successful, but happy as well.

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Just remember to engage with your loved ones and do your best to develop relationships! You'll appreciate human connection more than you know.

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At your best: Intense, skillful, technical At your worst: Self-involved, detached, obsessed. In fact, interchanges with coworkers yield a variety of promising… Continue. You feel so hopeful, even though you are also aware of difficult truths about current matters of the heart. You're filled with one inspiring idea after… Continue. Of course it's business as usual Virgo -- even if it's your birthday.

Ruled by number 3 and the planet Jupiter. You are energetic, ambitious, dignified, and kindhearted person. You are fond of good music and nature and you also like to enjoy your privacy and independence.

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You hold a respectable position in the society, but you need to control your tendency to dominate and behave reckless at times. This year you need to do some serious thinking on your career options.

Few brilliant opportunities would come your way but you need to act smart and quick to grab these once in a lifetime offer before others. Financial gains would accrue from investments and even speculation.

A vacation to an exotic location cannot be ruled out later this year. Your health will remain good but health of your spouse or children will become a matter of concern. Servants, colleagues, subordinates will cause some worry and unnecessary tensions. The months of November, January and June will be eventful. Your Sunsign. Birthday Prediction.

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