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Then of course the obvious thing to do is to see the horoscope of the spouse or the children. Given the belief that the astrologer can determine a client's death, should the astrologer tell the client? Putting aside such thought of incurring "bad Karma" at causing the fear of client to bring about his own death, an astrologer has to think about the possibility that he, the astrologer, could be wrong!

The safe course for an astrologer would be to fib a little and predict a longer than average life span whatever the calculations are as horoscopes foretell. If he tells the client that he will live to be hundred and the client dies at 70, the saving grace is that the client will not be around to ask for a refund!.

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Tailpiece: The late, unlamented Adolf Hitler, apparently was a strong believer in astrology, and had quite a few of them around. One day, hearing about a famed Jewish astrologer, he said to him, after some exchange of pleasantries: Tell me, Jew, when will I die? The astrologer, batting his eyelash and without missing a beat, said: It will be on a Jewish holiday.

Hitler screamed: Which Jewish holiday? The astrologer, who very well knew his destiny, shrugged his shoulders, and said: Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday. View More.

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Home Talk Property Beat. My Dashboard. Rajagopal Parthasarathy was born on 20 August in Tirupparaiturai near Tiruchchirappalli. He moved to New Delhi in His works [7] include Poetry from Leeds in , Rough Passage brought out [8] by Oxford University Press in , a long poem Preface "a book where all poems form part of a single poem, as it were" — R.

He translates from Tamil to English.

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Ramanujan Book Prize for Translation in He was a member of the University of Iowa Writing Program during — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rajagopal Parthasarathy.

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