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This page presents your astrological birthday profile and horoscope. Find out more about your personality, life path and destiny.

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Also your lucky gemstones, colours, days, numbers and ruling planets. Lovers born on the 8 th of March are considered to be some of the most idealistic romantic partners of the horoscope. In fact, you let your ideals of what love is supposed to be get the better of you. Remember, love is supposed to bring out the best out of you. You rarely feel understood, although this may be because you keep a veil of mystery about you.

Birthday Profiles If Oct 09, Due to your personality, you are best suited for jobs that require patience. In my astrology books, those born on your day do well in the fields of teaching and business. Luck and significance of March 8. Luck can come naturally to you. Your personal lucky color is light yellow, which is a tone that denotes potentials.

In this article, we will speak of people who celebrate their birthdays on the March 8, and all possible impacts that they receive, from planets, and so on. They are uncompromising whenever it comes to their attitudes, beliefs and ideas, and they have a very aggressive attitude on everyone who has a different opinion.

People of the March 8 are like lions who are fighting vigorously and when needed aggressively, but it is entirely unnecessary, and they need to see that. This feature can be exhausting and difficult for the people who are around them, both as family or coworkers -no one likes to listen to same lessons and inputs on a daily basis. But the main thing or problem is their stubbornness and persistence in convincing others that they are right in everything they do and think, is that is not possible and is indeed a complete waste of time. Of course, this cannot positively influence the establishment of friendly relationships because they act as very unstable people and they are not.

Because of their extremely complex and emotional nature, their love life can be very complicated because these people are very demanding in every relation, and specifically in romantic relationships. They seek unconditional love from all people that surround them, and constant attention from their environment, but at the same, they are reclusive and shy. They can have a great deal of magnetism so that some people that belong to this date of birth can have hypnotic powers on their environment, thanks to their great charm and intuition — these are the best possible qualities that someone can have, and it comes in the case of the people who are born on March 8 from their ruling sign — Pisces.

One important thing needs to be said here, and this is the personal growth of these people — and by this, we mean the difference that they have from their youth until their maturity. In their youth, their energy is most often uncontrolled and intense, and they can have difficulties in finding their place in the world, and recognising their qualities.

Birthday Horoscope March 8th

However, with years they would have to establish control over their lives, and this is the task that has to be the number 1 priority for them. In addition to their passion for an unusual way of life, grace is highly valued by power and lust. People who are born on the March 8 are, like all Pisces, enjoy pleasures and are incredibly sensitive creatures who cherish deep connection with their lovers. Yes, they like to be with their friends, but as lovers, the story is somewhat different.

When love relationships are concerned, they would rather have a nice dinner than going to a popular restaurant crowded — people of the March 8 enjoy intimacy, rather than showing off, but attention from their lover is always welcome even mandatory. Horoscope Birthday Horoscope for next March Dates. Birthday Horoscope March 9th Birthday Horoscope March 9th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on March 9th.

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Simon I am about to get in love with someone born this very day even though I feel 4th this people are just amazing from the way we talk with her. Great people to say that the least probably within the next few yrs we shall be wife and husband early signs look good.

March 8 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Arielle This describes me all of the way. Adwoa Sooo amazing almost everything described me. I am grateful to know who I am now.

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Diana Very accurate. I never felt I was a daydreamer. I feel very balanced between logic and emotions. I always describe myself as having my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. Abhi Yeah really feels good to know Born leader Cindy You don't mention March 8 tempers! Hate this about my husband. Scary sometimes. Jason Everything described me except for the stubbornness. Nicky It's almost true I am just like tht Ana How funny.

My dog is born on this day and it sounds just like her. Stubborn, obstinate, but loving and affectionate. Yep, that's her to a T. Pisces guy Most accurate one I've read. I've always thought I 'm not as emotional and dreamy as we're made out to be.

I'm in sales as a regional account mgr and am very goal oriented. I think overall Pisces are very flexible and adapt well to situations and life. Salman Guys let's share our careers and findout which is highly choosed career of 8th march born people Currently i m in the garments industry but now looking for a change Suraj I also Borned on the same day march 8.

Cristy Denoso 22 years of age. I'am a Civil Engineer. I can say, most of the predictions above are true to me. God bless to all of you guys.