Malefics in astrology

Nonetheless, it can be very useful in characterizing the function of the planets in a given chart if applied properly. The subjective human perspective of life usually tends to see events and situations that bring things together as being positive, while events and situations that pull things apart are seen as negative. For example when two people enter into a romantic relationship with one another it is often seen as or felt as subjectively positive, both for the two people involved as well as for those observing, but when they split up it is seen as or felt as subjectively negative.

On the other hand there are instances when even the typically positive tendencies of the benefics can have negative side effects, and the negative tendencies of the malefics can have positive effects in the life of the native or on events. For example Jupiter may provide someone with an overabundance of food, which could be seen as positive in certain contexts, but under other circumstanced it may lead them to excess in matters of food and drink with perhaps the subjectively negative side effect of gaining excess weight or imbibing too much alcohol.

Thus, benefic and malefic distinctions can be very useful and can provide many valuable insights as long as they are used wisely and attention is paid to the nuances involved in the positioning of the planets as well as the subtleties of human life in general. Vettius Valens makes an interesting point in book six of the Anthology where he associates the benefics and malefics with different colors and draws an analogy between the processes of painting or mixing paint and that which occurs when different planets are mixed together in various ways in a chart.

The benefics are associated with brighter, more translucent colors, while the malefics are associated with darker colors. Within this context he makes the statement that. The malefics seem to have more strength than the benefics. For indeed, when a drop of what is black and dirty has spread out into a bright essence of a color, it dims the beauty of the form; but the translucent in small quantity is too slack to cover over any staining.

He is actually making a rather perceptive statement that the bad or difficult things in life often have a way of overwhelming the good points in it, even when the bad portions are only handed out in small doses. Conversely, it is more difficult for the positive aspects of life to overcome or suppress something negative that has occurred, because the negative often has a way of being disproportionately magnified or exaggerated. In Hellenistic astrology Mercury constantly plays a vacillating role where he can go in either direction based on his condition in the chart.

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Within the context of benefic and malefic status Mercury is said to tend towards being more of a benefic when he is configured with the benefics by being in close proximity to them either bodily or by aspect, or also by being in one of their domiciles. Conversely he tends towards acting more as a malefic when he is closely configured with the malefics by being in a close aspect with one of them or in one of their domiciles.

This tendency for Mercury to go either way depending on which planets it is more closely associated with is something is encountered a number of times in the Hellenistic system. For example, Dorotheus of Sidon says that if you want to begin the construction of a building then you should do so while the Moon is waxing and increasing in its speed, but if you want to destroy a building then you should do so when the Moon is waning and decreasing in its speed.

It is best to lay the foundations of a building if you build it when the Moon is increasing in computation and in light and is in the middle of the zone which is the equator, ascending toward the North while Jupiter or Venus is with the Moon or aspects the Moon from a strong place.

For information on the concept of sect please see my article titled The Astrology of Sect. Article tags: benefics , Hellenistic astrology , malefics , sect , Vettius Valens. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at www.

The Vettius Valens bit about mixing colors appeals to me as an artist. I understand Saturn more with just this description.

Malefic - The Astrology Dictionary

Chris, you really have a gift for discerning the precise thing that explains your point. I hope you continue to teach. The Valens painting reference is interesting, as an oil painter, we start with dark colors and get lighter as we go. Has your book come out yet? You have a very good understanding of astrology.

Thanks for the compliment. While it may be nice to have Venus exalted in Pisces or Mercury in his own domicile in Gemini, if those planets are exactly opposite to Mars and Saturn then any benefits that they may receive by being dignified may be seriously hampered by the affliction that they receive from the malefics.

Hey Chris, has your book come out yet? You have a solid grasp on the subject and I like your style. I look forward to reading your book!

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Unfortunately no, not yet. Thanks Chris: looks very rewarding. I had studied astrology for some time and then took a break, although my ephemeris was always near at hand. I reached a point where all the books seemed to say what I already knew and thought the only way to further my understanding was through real life experience along with reflection. So I did this for a bit and completely avoided any reading on the subject and being a Taurus: I have had an aversion to Internet use until about a year or so ago.

I find the more serious approach appealing at this point in my journey. I am eager to learn more. This dynamic aspect is certainly the engine that powered the Palin Express; her rise to national […]. This has been true since the Seleucid era, and possibly dating back even further to the era of […].

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From 11th August , Jupiter will move to Virgo and will remain there till 12th September This transit will have generally good results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit depending upon the Ascendant or Moon Sign of the native These predictions of each Sign for are based on the Moon Sign.

Transit of Planets in Panchang Mars will transit from 24 December to 20 February in Libra Sign. Here are the transit results of Mars during this period. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius as their Moon sign. Mars will transit from 03 November to 24 December in Virgo Sign. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius as their Moon sign.

These are the transit results Yearly predictions of a particular Sign are the transit movement of various planets during one year. In Vedic Astrology, Ascendant and Moon play very important role in predicting the future events. Here predictions of each Sign for are based on the Moon Sign Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in our Solar System. In Astrology, Jupiter has very important role to play for a native to lead a successful and religious life. Followings are the results of Great Jupiter in various houses of a horoscope From 31st January , Rahu will move to Leo and will remain there till 17th August Moon sign born with Gemini, Libra and Pisces will find this transit most auspicious.

Rahu will join Jupiter on 30 January in the Sign of Leo where Jupiter will already be transiting Mars is considered malefic but for Cancer and Leo ascendant, this becomes Yogkaraka and bestows the native with prosperity and wealth.

Reception by Malefic Planets in Astrology

Followings are the results of Mars in difference houses of the chart Seventh lord Venus is in good position with Jupiter. Second half of the month is auspicious. This may enhance the possibility for Aries born to get engaged during this month if Jupiter and Venus are strong and well placed in the chart Rahu will confer materialistic pleasure but at some cost while Ketu will take away but will reward with self realization and liberation. Rahu is the material world, Ketu is the spiritual world. If placed adversely in the chart, Ketu can cause lack of confidence This month will give mixed results.

For Aries Ascendant

You are running second phase of Sadhe Sati which may create unnecessary tension in life. Family members will be generally supportive except spouse. There may be difference of opinions with spouse Mercury will transit in its debilitated Sign of Pisces on 28th March. Mercury will move to Aries on 12th April. This month family life will be comfortable and you will try to enjoy the company of your spouse.

Atmosphere at workplace will be cordial but after 14th April you may face problems This is an auspicious placement for the entire year. Financial position will be sound. Jupiter will transit in your fifth house. Some auspicious ceremony may take place take at your home. You will feel enlightened and will be inclined to earn more knowledge This placement would bestow some good results. There should be an improvement in the ability to fight back with adverse situations Seventh house in the horoscope is considered for various marriage aspects like delay in marriage, timing of marriage, compatibly, success of married life and so on.

For this other aspects should also be examined e. Navmansha chart and Major and Sub-period These are the general predictions based upon Moon Sign and transit of other planets in January Mars will transit in Capricorn till 3rd January As Such, Jupiter, Moon and Venus which are considered natural benefic planets can play role Aries Ascendant is governed by Mars. Nature of such native will resemble the qualities of Mars. Impatient, straight-spoken and quick in nature, he believes in direct actions.

He will get angry soon but at the same time his anger will last no longer From 2nd November , Saturn is transiting in the next house Scorpio. Moon sign born Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius born will face worst result of this transit. Moon Sign born Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn will have good results of this transit. Ketu, if placed favorably in horoscope, brings a lot of luxury, wisdom.

If unfavorable, he causes unnecessary depression, poor concentration, boundless worries, anxiety and ghost related problems. Here are the general predictions of Ketu in different houses of a chart Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet. This is a favorable planet of the politicians. He gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or unfair.

Ketu is known as a planet for salvation. It behaves like Mars. Ketu indicates spiritual power in a person. If exalted in the chart, one can get salvation and may get himself free from the cycle Hessonite Gomed ensures relief from the malefic effect from Rahu.

It clears the confusion in mind and gives stability in life and enhances positive energy of Rahu. If Rahu is weak by placement in the chart Exalted Jupiter in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house of a chart are like an asset to the native which bestows everything in life including wisdom, health and all round prosperity According to Indian Astrology, Mars plays very important role in one's marriage.

If Mars is placed in 1st 4th 7th 8th or 12th house of a horoscope, the native is said to have Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha Moon placed in Scorpio.

Malefic planet

He suffers from water related diseases and always complains of cough and catarrh Weak Mercury causes difference of opinions between husband and wife and brings stiffness in the relationship which may result in divorce. Exalted Mercury will make its native a successful businessman Saturn is the lord of two auspicious houses namely 4th house and 5th house representing Capricorn and Aquarius Signs.

Therefore, Saturn is considered the most auspicious and give desired benefic results Ketu is planets known for spirituality. The person influenced by the planet is gifted with spiritual achievements. His other interests also show his bent towards religious and secret awareness including supernatural powers The general purpose of Maa Katyaani Pooja is to pray the Goddess for the early or timely marriage of an individual mostly girl.