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Like the smile of a predator, it may not mean that they like you. Libra is the sign of the Scales, and that's what Libras do—weigh things. They are watchful of others' reactions and always adapting, like shape-shifters, carefully calibrating their behavior to get a certain response. If that need for balance goes too far, Libras become controlling, sneaky, and subversive. This negative behavior is the result of a Libra gift taken to its extreme—the ability to win others over.

More than any other Zodiac sign, Libras are people-pleasers and highly tuned in to others.


They have the reputation of being manipulative, for they know how to use their charm to get what they want. The young Libra John Lennon, when he wanted a guitar and had no money, won over his Aunt Mimi Smith with kisses on the cheek. In a clip, she told an interviewer , "He's a bit like yourself, a soft soaper. Libras are hyper-aware of their effect on others and have an instinct for what others want to hear. This leads to charges of being fake and makes it hard to know how they really feel about you.

It is interesting, too, to think of the fake smile as a kind of "baring of the teeth. Libras are a cardinal sign , and their amped-up sociability can be a forceful, even aggressive experience if you're on the receiving end. Libras can control the scene with their friendly chatter, itself a kind of defense.

Libras are Venus -ruled, and naturally gravitate to what's artful, pleasurable, and makes them look good. The love of leisure can make them decadent and self-indulgent. Libras who deny their own darkness can end up even darker when all that's been repressed finally bursts out into the open. As air signs , Libras are big thinkers, and if they're trying to avoid pain, they'll talk themselves out of dealing with a coming crisis.

They can create complex justifications and be blind to the suffering of others when it doesn't fit the picture they want to see. Libras can be scornful at times when topics they deem negative come up. Libra as an influence empowers this axiom, this axis. Libra provides forces, a channel, an influence, which affects our own equilibrium, but particularly in the method or the means through which we utilize our sexual forces.

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In other words, a person who is born under the sign of Libra who is the superior type of person — consciously, emotionally, spiritually - will be someone who is very chaste; who takes the forces of Venus and Libra in order to strengthen and empower their chastity. But an inferior type of Libra, a person who is born under that sign but very much identified with the ego and addicted to sensation, will be addicted to fornication , to sexual pleasure, in an animal way. Naturally, the sign of Libra provides an influence for all creatures.

So in particular, those who are interested in transcending suffering and arriving at an equilibrium of the spirit, mind, and heart, can take advantage of the forces of Libra and Venus in order to utilize the sexual force in the right way. Physiologically, this is accomplished through the energies of the kidneys. Historically in esotericism, we see that Libra is related to the kidneys.

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In ancient times, it was understood that the kidneys are related to passion, to emotion, to impulses, that push us to behave in certain ways. And that is why the kidneys figure so prominently in many of our ancient scriptures, particularly the Bible or the books of Moses or the books of the prophets, and even in the New Testament. We know in Gnosis that the heart is related to our emotional center, and is very closely related to feelings, to love, to anger, to hate, to all the varying types of emotions we can have whether superior or inferior, but the kidneys are related as well.

When we look at the function of the kidneys, and we take look at the way our physical body is constructed we can start to see how this is so. In previous lectures, we have talked a lot about the heart and the lungs. The heart and the lungs work together to cycle the blood through the body, pushing pure blood filled with oxygen throughout all the veins in order to nourish the organism, then pulling back the impure blood, which has gathered up toxins of the body, in order to revitalize that blood with oxygen and to expel the waste elements through the breath.

So we see this interchange, this exchange of fire and air. Blood acts as an intermediary that carries both purity and impurity. So in the action of the air and lungs we see a give and take. We see a cycle, which repeats constantly so long as we remain alive. This give and take, this coming and going, is again a symbol of the balance of nature.

This is a great cycle of life and death in miniature, which is always happening within the heart. When that blood is flowing back and forth, just below this region of the body, down the spinal column a little ways, we find the kidneys, and of course the kidneys are a pair of organs which sit on either side of the spinal column, and the kidneys have two primary functions. First, they clean the blood. They extract impurities. They are part of what we call the excretory system, which works closely with the skin.

The impurities that the kidneys pull from the blood are then put into water, which is expelled from the organism, from the body, through urination.

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The kidneys have as their second primary function the management of the water in the body. So to remain hydrated, to have the right amount of water in the body, is the job of the kidneys, which is a very important function. So you see then that the kidneys have direct physiological importance related to blood and water.

Now if you have studied religion or mysticism, you know that blood and water are ubiquitous symbols in all mystical traditions. Thus you can see that the kidneys must hide some occult significance. It is very interesting to observe the book of Revelation in the Bible. We have discussed in previous lectures how in chapter two when the angel is discussing the nature of the church of Thiatyra, which is related to the heart.

21 Secrets Of The Libra Personality…

In that verse the angel says, "I am the one who searches the heart and the kidneys, and I give to each one according to his works. Going a little deeper, we can see how the kidneys are situated on the top of each of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands have a relationship with metabolism and with some other chemical functions in the body, but they are also closely related with sexuality, with both the development of the sexual organs and the dual nature of the body as it grows, but also the regulation of the sexual drive.

So here we see profound significance: the kidneys in conjunction with the adrenal glands have a direct bearing on our sexual health, our sexual development, the health of our blood, the health of our entire body, because of the water. In Gnosticism we always indicate that water is a symbol of sexual energy. We always discuss the sexual waters and we know that in the Bible, in the Popul Vuh, and in many of the ancient stories in Hinduism, the water or the womb is the symbol of the great sexual chaos from which all creation emerges.

Our own physical body emerged out of that marvelous magical water, which was the interconnection of a man and a woman who combined their sexual waters and produced the marriage the union of an egg and a sperm in that watery darkness of the womb. Venus has a role here. Venus is also related to the kidneys and if you have studied Paracelsus you know that Paracelsus praises greatly the powers that Venus has through the kidneys to influence conception, to influence the development of the organism. And of course Venus is always present in the union between a man and a woman. Venus is the goddess of love.

So here in the kidneys we are measured, and you can see how the kidneys sit in the body like the scales of a balance. In fact, if you look at the structure of our anatomy, and compare it with the structure of the scale, you can see the rod that the scale sits on would be the spinal column. The balancing beam that holds the kidneys would cross at the heart, and the kidneys hang off either end of that balance.

The top of the beam would be the brain, the head, but these two beams - one vertical, one horizontal - cross in the heart. This is cause for meditation. To comprehend the profound significance of the way that our body was created. The symbolism that is present in the organization of our very organs. So the bible states many times that we are measured in the heart and the kidneys.

In the book of Psalms there are many appearances of this relationship between the kidneys and the heart. In Psalms it says:. My kidneys also instruct me during the night. If I ascend up to heaven though art there. If I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uppermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. If I say surely the darkness shall cover me, even the night shall be light about me.

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Yea the darkness hideth no from thee, but the night shineth like the day. The darkness and the light are both alike to thee, for thou hast created my kidneys; thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee for I am fearfully wonderfully made. Marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well. This passage contains enormous significance in relation to the sign of Libra.

First, because the writer, the prophet, is directly indicating how God, our own spirit, works through our kidneys. It assigns particular significance to that, but also the writer indicates that form the point of view of God, night and day are the same.

God is always there.