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She uses her intuition and faith in GOD, the Universe, to offer guidance to all her clients and encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them…. She has been a long-time member of the Guild since She believes that Astrology is never ending studying… She wants to help people to understand their roots…their potentials….

Indeed, the configurations of the planets when she was born showed that Rebecca is meant to be an Astrologer. Contact info: www. It was a successful and a very memorable conference.

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The Speakers were well prepared, and the sessions were well attended. It was nice meeting old and new Brilliant Friend Astrologers…I learned a lot from the speakers, brilliant Professional Astrologers… Thanks, Laura Nalbandian and to your Amazing team for a well-organized Conference…. I was very lucky to win a raffle Yes! When Laura Nalbandian was announcing the winning ticket, I was totally shocked…. TPluto 21 degrees in the 2nd house sextiles opportunity my NVenus — 23 degrees luck in Pisces in the 4th house;.

There are four planets transit in Aries ruler of my 5th house: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus; 5th house is about gambling, fun…Uranus and Venus sitting on the 5th house…. What a beautiful dream I had today July 5, — am ….

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It can represent, on different levels, both the ego and the higher Self or soul purpose. It rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Jupiter is a planet of broader purpose, reach, and possibility. Optimistic energy and enthusiasm will infuse everyone to reach for goals and dreams. They start to get ugly and tangle up…. You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought.

Your computer and other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. You could experience travel delays, too. Double-check your flights and take a book with you to keep you occupied while you wait for the train! Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations and anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office and cabs!

This means it can be particularly rough for Gemini train conductors and Virgo magazine editors, so be kind to any you know! Everyone behaves in each of these ways at various times. No matter what our sign is, it cannot help but fit. Sun signs are a confidence trick, an excellent example of the consider-only-confirming-cases artifact see articles on this website under Doing Scientific Research. The authors look at the history of sun sign columns a modern idea that began in the s , their popularity about of the newspapers in the USA have daily sun sign columns , how they are calculated several methods including pure invention , the disagreement between astrologers four decades of quotes , attacks by scientists including Richard Dawkins in , problems of testing many pitfalls , and actual tests including prize competitions none successful.

Sun signs emerge as the most tested and most disconfirmed idea in astrology. Astrologers dismiss the tests as inappropriate, but only if the tests are negative -- positive tests are welcome no matter how flawed. But how can sun signs be difficult to test when astrologers are so readily convinced that they work?

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Can better tests be devised? To find out, the authors invited several thousand astrologers and two dozen interested scientists to devise better tests. The outcome is described in the next article. The present article ends with abridged examples of sun sign forecasts and delineations. I said balderdash. Tosh and gibberish. Also twaddle, trash, fudge, flapdoodle, drivel and flummery. I wrote it [a sun sign forecast], so I ought to know.

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But just because I've put this verbiage in print somebody will believe it. Introduction Sun sign columns purport to tell those born in each sun sign what the day, week or month holds in store for them, such as "Virgo -- romance improves after the 16th" or "Libra -- don't be despondent if not appreciated.

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Sun sign columns can be based on techniques such as sign symbolism, planetary aspects judged by sign or by house where first house coincides with the sun sign , and moon transits. Or they can be pure invention, for example the journalist Jan Moir reveals how "my very first job in journalism was writing horoscopes for a stable of women's magazines.

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It was the office task always given to the newest recruit because it was so stupid and so easy that even a wet-eared geek like me could do it" Guardian , London 6 October This explains why many statements have no discernible relation to astrology, as in "the letter E is important this week" and those quoted next. Sun sign columns are therefore perhaps one part astrology and nine parts style.

Thus much of the appeal of the late Patric Walker's columns was due to their humility and their uplifting thoughts worthy of Kahlil Gibran, eg "It is time to live by this principle: peace and tranquillity are worth a thousand pieces of gold" and "Remember that true love, respect and friendship cannot be bought. Or as the anti-sunsign astrologer Dennis Elwell puts it, by their capacity for "conveying vagueness with such sincerity that Nevertheless sun sign columns forecasts and delineations are easily the most visible form of astrology in Western countries.

They are read by typically half the population, yet among astrologers they remain controversial -- some astrologers see them as valid and good publicity, others see them as nonsense and exploitation. But how can astrology be taken seriously when astrologers show such a major division of opinion over such a basic issue? What follows is a contribution towards its resolution. The start of sun sign forecasts in newspapers Popular astrology forecasts had existed in almanacs and books long before they appeared in newspapers. For example each year since at least Raphael's Prophetic Almanac has given birthday forecasts for every day eg 9 September "Great troubles await thee, thy business will fail" including the fate of the newborn "a child born on this day will be unfortunate".

And in the s and s people could turn to Cheiro's book When were you born. But popular forecasts did not take off until they appeared in newspapers, which beginning is known exactly. Newspaper astrology columns began in August in the London Sunday Express , just after the birth of Princess Margaret. The editor wanted a story on her birth but with a new angle, so Cheiro then the biggest name in astrology was asked to do her horoscope. Cheiro was unavailable, so the job went to R H Naylor, one of his assistants.

The result was "What the stars foretell for the new princess" 24 August page It gave her birth chart and described what certain individual factors indicated, namely her Leo sun sign "The Princess will share certain basic characteristics common to all people born in the present month" , and her angular Uranus, Saturn and Venus "these three planets will greatly modify the basic characteristics" , but diplomatically not her close Mercury-Mars square nor her close Venus-Jupiter-Uranus T-square, ending with a general forecast eg health will be "fairly good", life will be "eventful".

More importantly, under the general heading "And a few hints on the happenings of this week", an equal amount of space was devoted to mundane forecasts eg "a sudden outbreak of revolutionary activities may be expected in Germany" , and forecasts for each birthday in the coming week eg "August A week later, under the heading "Were you born in September?

It then gave Naylor's forecasts for each birthday in September eg "September Lucky for investments", "September False pride leads to mistakes" , plus a brief mundane forecast eg "unemployment may decrease slightly".

This was followed a month later by the corresponding "Were you born in October" 5 October page 21 , then a week later by a new weekly article "What the stars foretell for this week" 12 October page 19 , which was introduced by the editor as follows:. Naylor that arrangements have now been made for him to contribute an exclusive weekly article.

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This article will interpret the astrological portents likely to influence national and world affairs each week. He will give warning advice to City men, racing men, and politicians, and will, in addition, tell you what fate may have in store for you if your birthday should fall during the week. Thus began a weekly column on "What the stars foretell" that lasted until the s.

So although his was the first newspaper astrology column it was not really a sun sign column. Nor was he the first to produce birthday forecasts, for example each year since at least Raphael's Prophetic Almanac has given birthday forecasts for every day eg 9 September "Great troubles await thee, thy business will fail" including the fate of the newborn "a child born on this day will be unfortunate". If he said that Monday was a bad day for buying, then the buyers of more than one West End store waited for the stars to become more propitious.

Gradually, of course, every paper published a horoscope and you paid your money and bought or sold from Monday to Friday according to which prophet you followed. Christiansen was then editor of the entertainment section and was responsible for first hiring Naylor. More newspapers, then magazines, then books The main competition came from The People , a Sunday newspaper similar in size to the Sunday Express , which on 1 October l began a weekly column "Plan with the Planets" by Edward Lyndoe.

Its first two appearances were accompanied by this cautious editorial disclaimer:. He may be able to help you. But don't forget that man is master of his fate. Whatever the planets may say, it is you yourself who control the course of your life, even if you do feel inclined to take a hint from the planets.