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In Navamsha horoscope also, the 5 th house is strong with the placement of 5 th lord Venus therein and has Rajyoga confirming that the person has razor sharp intelligence and a man of wisdom. It is also confirmed that the person is unorthodox in his way of thinking because of the placement of Rahu in 5 th house.

In D-9, 6 th house Scorpio is occupied by Gnatikaraka Mercury significator of diseases aspecting the D-9 Lagna Gemini through Jaimini aspect and Lagna is occupied by Saturn a natural malefic thus confirming about the chronic ailment. In Navamsha also, the involvement of watery sign Scorpio as 6 th house and airy sign Gemini as Lagna confirms the watery and airy combine complications in the shape of chronic Asthmatic problem. Home Contact Us Customer Care customercare astrocamp. Cart: 0. Sign in New User? Sign Up. Paid Services Reports. Phone Consultation. Lal Kitab. Birth Time Rectification.

AstroSage Cloud Silver. AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Jaimini Chara Dasha in Astrology. By Suchitra Das Predict Effectively Through Chara Dasha We can predict the timing of an event, the strength of a horoscope as well as various aspects in the life of a nativity independently by using Jaimini Chara Dasha. How this is decided is - 1.

Note the ninth house from lagna. If the ninth house is Aries, taurus,gemini,Libra, Scorpio and sagittarius, the dasha order will be forward that means if dasha starts from Aries,the next will be taurus, gemini and so on. If the ninth house from Lagna is cancer,Leo,Virgo,Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces,then dasha order will be indirect for example dasha starts from cancer then first dasha will be of cancer and next Leo,Virgo and so on.

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  • In deciding the Sub periods,there is a departure here, in the major period of Aries the first sub period will be of Taurus and Aries as is the usual case in dasha system. In deciding the time of dasha ,the rashi concerned upto its lord, directly if in direct group and indirectly if in indirect group. From the total so obtained deduct 1 year and the net period will be the dasha period of Rashi concerned.

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    Char or Jaimini Dasha for your Kundli and Horoscope

    Find Good Muhurtha. Saturn Sadesati For Life. Your Lucky Gemstones. Numerology Life Analysis. Mercury is not karak of 9th house but think on the rule then you will get the clue. Ascendant and 8th lord Venus is in 4th house in D9.

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    He is 8th lord in 4th. Wherever bad house lord goes he destroys the house, in D12 mars is in 6th house aspected by 2 malefic Sun and Saturn. He is a mild malefic but with Saturn he becomes more malefic, also they both have classic enmity as we all know. Jupiter-Moon 4th and 9th lord of D12 is in relationship in D Char Dasha: explained using example and some basic concepts A horoscope have so many facets as we humans have, but in astrology two things matter the most in the order that is first judging the effect of the planets and then watching what will happen, and then the next question arises when.

    Let we deal with both of them one by one. Types of Dasha — there are 3 types of dasha those based on constellation like vimshottari, ashtottari those based on rashi char,narayan,shool those based on other things panchswar dasha. The dashas are further divided into two more types those are Phalit dasha dealing with prediction and timing of event and second is Ayur dasha, used for prediction fatal periods or death. In other articles following this one, I will write on all of these dashas, for this I am confining myself to char dasha only.

    Rao he have worked extensively on this dasha and his research makes it infallible, whereas Narayan dasha is unique in the way as It can be counted for any divisional chart.


    Whereas char dasha can only be applied to birth chart, but I do also use it in other divisional too. Methods of calculation — there are so many different methods of calculating char dasha, there is one system propounded by parashara that we find in Brihat parashara hora shastra, another version if of Irangati Rangacharya ji and another one is of K.

    Rao ji, as the system propounded by K. And it gives accurate timing of events thus this should be used and we will be using that only. If time permits and my knowledge expands I will also write on other methods of using different variations of char dasha,. Second this is over the internet there are so many articles dealing with the method of calculation readers can refer to those articles, and also I highly advise 2 books of K.

    Predicting through jaimini char dasha 2. Advanced uses of char dasha to be read from which readers can get the idea on how he uses the system and how calculations have to be done. Third is I dislike teaching or writing about basics, and also I am in the favor that new immature students of astrology should not be spoon feeded thus I am leaving the part concerning with how to calculate char dasha and now I am giving few rules of analyze char dasha, and in the end we will understand the working of char dasha using one example chart and we will analyze few things in the chart using jaimini system of astrology and char dasha.

    For learning the basics readers can search my website www. Treat the sign as ascendant and see the relative position of karakas char karakas — 7 char karkas are advised, sthir karkas, naisargik karkas. Relative position of Arudh of different houses from that sign. See the position of sign lord, and analyze the chart from that aspect too.

    Kn rao jaimini

    See the position of AK, AmK from the dasha sign. See in which house the sign is falling.

    Vedic Astrology - Easy predictions techniques using Dasha's with Astrolada and Levi!

    Raajyogas in the sign or with respect to the sign.