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Mumbai ni Biladi [Motion Picture]. Dabke D. Vishwamitra Menaka [Motion Picture]. Dandekar, D.

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Vasant Leela [Motion Picture]. Divekar, Vishnupant Daksha Yajna [Motion Picture]. Sati Parvati [Motion Picture]. Joshi, Manilal Veer Abhimanyu [Motion Picture].

Siddhi Times-September 2007

Prithvi Vallabh [Motion Picture]. Mojili Mumbai [Motion Picture]. Veer Kunal [Motion Picture]. Nanad Bhojai [Motion Picture]. Pati Bhakti [Motion Picture]. Aurat [Motion Picture]. India: Urdu. Roti [Motion Picture]. Aan [Motion Picture]. Son of India [Motion Picture]. Master, Homi Director Bismi Sadi [Motion Picture]. Fankado Fituri [Motion Picture]. Lanka ni Ladi [Motion Picture].

Telephone ni Taruni [Motion Picture]. Bhaneli Bhamini [Motion Picture]. Painter, Baburao Director Kalyan Khajina [Motion Picture]. Patankar, S. Director Ram Vanvas [Motion Picture]. Kacha Devyani [Motion Picture]. Bhakta Bodana [Motion Picture]. Vanraj Chavdo [Motion Picture]. Phalke, D.

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Lanka Dahan [Motion Picture]. Rathod, Kanjibhai Director Bhakta Vidur [Motion Picture]. Sati Ansuya [Motion Picture]. Kala Naag [Motion Picture]. Baap Kamai [Motion Picture]. Kono Vank? Shah, Chandulal Director Gunsundari [Motion Picture]. Typist Girl [Motion Picture]. Singh, Suchet Director Shakuntala [Motion Picture]. Vyas, V. Ranak Devi [Motion Picture]. India: Gujarati. Key scenes are then separately presented in full detail. In the original manuscript, Dave has separate columns for location of action, characters in the scene, costumes and props, scene description and intertitles, and we have sought to convey a sense of this format in presenting the translated versions of the highlighted scenes.

We also show facsimiles of pages from the original manuscript to give readers a palpable sense of the material. However, as Dave is not consistent in how he spells names, we chose to use the form most prevalent in the script. Bakavali has been retained to ensure uniformity. However, in the scenes presented in original format, we stick with how names are spelt in that particular scene.

Hindustani words other than character names are retained in their original form and explained in footnotes. The Script 1.

In a cave, Taj-ul-Mulk is preparing to leave for a hunt. An old man stops him, gives him a sarangi1 and asks him to play. Jalad Sang hunts in the jungle. The old man in the cave falls asleep; Taj-ul-Mulk leaves. A tiger or a cheetah is sighted. Jalad Sang releases an arrow. Taj-ul-Mulk also releases an arrow.

Dead tiger or cheetah. Both Jalad Sang and Taj-ul-Mulk claim the hunt trophy. They exchange glances. Jalad Sang faints. The old man in the cave wakes up.

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He is shocked to see Taj-ul-Mulk gone; gets up and leaves to search for him. Jalad Sang and Taj-ul-Mulk look at one another. Immediately, the king goes blind and falls to the ground.

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Wazir Baba, the old man we saw with Taj-ul-Mulk in the introductory scenes, intervenes. The fighting stops and people turn toward the king. The king gets up and screams realizing he is blind.

Wazir Baba says something and the king recognizes him immediately. Wazir Baba tells the king that indeed it has and that the young man whose face blinded him is his son Taj-ul-Mulk. Taj-ul-Mulk is surprised to know that Wazir Baba is not his father.

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Wazir Baba starts to tell a story. What Wazir Baba tells is presented as a flashback scene showing the Joshi telling the king that the face of his fifth son will blind him. The four sons of the king playing choupat. Check up by the royal hakim. Everyone asks: But what is the Gulbakavali? What the hakim says is presented as a trick scene that shows Bakavali emerge from a flower painted on a curtain. Indra, the king of the gods, is pleased at this sight and tells her to take the flower that will cure blindness.

The doctor tells them that the flower can be found in the garden of Princess Bakavali that lies in the kingdom of the Gandharvas,5 on the other side of the Mansarovar.